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Shooting as a scout activity has been carried out by a few groups in our county for many years now, but the number of scouts that were able to participate was relatively small. This has been in part due to: lack of facilities, equipment and insufficient trained leaders, motivated to organise activities. Where shooting activities have been carried out they have almost exclusively been limited to air rifle and pistol shooting.

Having said this, across the UK shooting is one of the fastest growing scout activities and testament to this last year, was at The National Scout Shooting Competition where over 850 scouts and leaders competed at the Bisley shooting ground, reputed worldwide to be "the home of shooting".


Scouting has a long association with shooting, beginning with the introduction by Baden Powell of the Marksman badge for rifle shooting up to 600 yards. As a sport in its own right, it encourages concentration and fitness, although without discouraging the less physically able, or excluding those with disabilities.

Shooting and firearms training also contributes to the development of: self-discipline, respect for authority and an awareness of risk. At a time when firearms are ever present in the media it is appropriate that young people are encouraged to gain a first-hand understanding of the practical realities and dangers of guns in a safe and controlled environment supported with appropriate advice. This will help them to take an informed and balanced view when they come across firearms carried by the police and security services and the armed forces.


Training and support is the main function behind ASRC. We believe that it is by stimulating the interest of existing leaders, and by providing focused training with a structure to support them, we will be most successful in expanding shooting activities.

If you are an existing leader with an interest in enabling your scouts and explorers to shoot, we can help you acquire the necessary skills and expertise to run activities: safely, operating within POR and the law.


Activities that ASRC are able to include continue to grow as guns equipment are acquired. At the moment we are able to provide training for target shooting:

  • Air pistol (.177")
  • Air rifle (.177") - standing and prone
  • Rim fire .22" rifle - standing and prone
  • Centre fire 7.62 mm rifle - prone
  • Shotgun - clay pigeon


Membership of ASRC is open to:
  • Youth members of the Scout Association (Scouts and Explorer Scouts), Scout Network or Adult members of the Scout Association
  • Members of the Scout Fellowship,
  • Members of University Scout or Guide Clubs,
  • Non-uniformed Administrators, Helpers or Instructors appointed by the Scout Association,

Adult applicants for membership who do not already hold adult appointments within the Scout association must become members of the Scout Fellowship (either full or Associated). A Scout Association membership subscription will be paid. Membership will be subject to “fee” payment and a DBS check.

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